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Property Inspector Events


The Property Inspector can send a payload to the plugin using the sendToPlugin event:

var json = {
    "action": "com.elgato.example.action1",
    "event": "sendToPlugin",
    "context": opaqueValue,
    "payload": {<json data>}
Members Description
action The action unique identifier. If your plugin supports multiple actions, you should use this value to find out which action was triggered.
event sendToPlugin
context An opaque value identifying the instance's action.
payload A json object that will be received by the plugin.


The Property Inspector can tell the Stream Deck application to open an URL in the default browser using the openUrl event:

var json = {
    "event": "openUrl",
    "payload": {
        "url": ""
Members Description
event openUrl
payload A json object

The payload object contains the following members:

Payload Description
url An URL to open in the default browser.