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Create Your Icon Pack

You must own the rights to all images included in your icon pack. To get started you can create the folder structure found in the Template or use the IconPackMan tool.


The template demonstrates how to use the icon pack folder structure and each of the possible file types (svg, png, jpg, and gif.) You can download the template here.


The IconPackMan tool allows you to create your icon pack by dragging your icons into the app. You can then export the compiled .streamDeckIconPack, which you can then share and distribute on Stream Deck's app store. You can view to Read Me from within the app to help you get started. You can find IconPackMan here.

Files overview

Here's an overview of the required files and their purpose:

File Type Required Description
manifest.json json yes icon pack info like name, author, version, …
icons folder yes Folder containing the svg icons
icons.json json yes Description and tags for each icon
icon.svg image yes Icon to visually identify your icon pack in Stream Deck. (png or jpg are allowed)
license.txt text no License to end-users for the use of your icons
previews folder yes Folder containing preview images for the store



    "Name": "My awesome icon pack",
    "Version": "1.0.0",
    "Description": "Put your description here. It gets shown in the icon pack store.",
    "Author": "Famous Icon Creator",
    "URL": "",
    "Icon": "icon.svg",
    "License": "license.txt"


Member Required Description
Author yes Name of the author visible in Stream Deck.
Name yes Name of the icon pack visible in Stream Deck.
Description no Describe your icons here. If your icon pack makes it into the Stream Deck Store, this description will be shown to the user.
Version yes Version of the icon pack that can only contain digits and periods. This is used in case you want to provide updates to the icon pack. In this case, we recommend following the semantic versioning specification.
Icon yes Relative path to an icon/image. This small icon is shown next to the icon pack's name. See section icon.
URL no A URL to get more info about the icon pack.
License no Relative path to a txt file containing a license. See license.txt.


The folder icons contains icons in the supported formats listed below. An icon should have a size of 144x144px (or a multiple as e.g. 288x288px) for best results.

File Formats

  • svg
  • png
  • jpg
  • gif

GIFs require an additional preview PNG file (with the same name) alongside the gif file in the icons folder. The PNG file does NOT need an entry in the icons.json file.

File Type Description
icon.gif image GIF is shown on Stream Deck
icon.png image PNG is shown in Image Library


The icons.json file contains metadata for each icon in the icons folder.


    { "path": "icon_1.svg", "name": "Train", "tags": ["travel"] },
    { "path": "icon_2.svg", "name": "Salad", "tags": ["food"] },
    { "path": "icon_3.svg", "name": "Bike",  "tags": ["travel", "sport"] },


Member Description
path Filename of the icon inside the icons folder
name Name of the icon which is shown to the user
tags Tags used to categorize/search individual icons

icon [svg png jpg]

The icon [.svg | .png | .jpg] image serves as icon to visually identify your icon pack in the list of shown icon packs:

Icon Pack Icon

For a crisp icon representation in the Image Library ('Stream Deck style') you could use these specifications:

Specification Value
Color #C8C8C8 / rgb(200,200,200)
Size 56x56 px

You can use any other size (but keep in mind, the icon will get scaled in this case, which might result in some blurring - except if you use svg)


You can add a license file to the structure as a text file. This license can be read by the end-user in the Stream Deck application.


You can test your icon pack by following these steps:

  1. Quit the Stream Deck application
  2. Copy your icon pack folder like com.elgato.hello.sdIconPack into the folder ~/Library/Application Support/com.elgato.StreamDeck/Icons/ on macOS or %appdata%\Elgato\StreamDeck\Plugins\com.elgato.StreamDeck\Icons\ on Windows.
  3. Launch the Stream Deck application. Your icon pack should be visible in the Image Library. If it doesn't appear, please drag it to the IconPackMan window, which will help you to identify the issue.

Preview Images

Preview Images

Stream Deck's store displays preview images for your icon pack. These images can include the user interface, helpful infographics, or marketing materials.


  • Quantity: 1-3 images named sequentially (1-preview.png, 2-preview.png, etc.)
  • Size: 1280px by 640px
  • Format: PNG
  • Content: Non-transparent

Adding previews

You can include up to 3 preview images in a previews folder inside your icon pack. These previews will be automatically added to the app store with your submission. If you want to add more preview images, you can email them to