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Stream Deck Store

You can distribute your plugin on the store or host it yourself. On the store, your plugin becomes discoverable directly in the Stream Deck app, and updates are handled automatically for your users!

Preview Images

Preview Images

Stream Deck's store displays preview images for your plugin. These images can include the user interface, helpful infographics, or marketing materials.


  • Quantity: 1-3 images named sequentially (1-preview.png, 2-preview.png, etc.)
  • Size: 1280px by 800px
  • Format: PNG
  • Content: Non-transparent

Adding previews

You can include up to 3 preview images in a previews folder inside your plugin. These previews will be automatically added to the app store with your submission. If you want to add more preview images, you can email them to

Submit Your Plugin

Submit your plugins by sending an email to with the following:

  • Company/Developer: Who makes the plugin? (the developer name if there is no company)
  • User: A unique username or an email address.
  • Description: A short message to let Stream Deck users know what your plugin is all about.
  • Release Notes: What changed with the new version of your plugin? (features/bug fixes)
  • Support-Link: Where can users contact you if they have problems?
  • Operating System: On which operating system(s) does it run (mac/win or both).
  • Category: Under which category do you want to have your plugin listed in the store (only one category is allowed at the moment).

We are working on a developer portal to streamline this experience